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Colombian Music Producer,Based in Dallas TX via Brooklyn, NY. Since early childhood captivated by music, curiosity made him his own teacher. West african Influenced music that incorporates Electronica and analog synthesis makes a strong combination of sounds reflected on his work.
The DJ sets travels around the world exploring exotic sounds from the diaspora..

Pautt’s work incorporates electronica and analog synthesis to create a strong combination of sounds with influences from around the world including Afro-house, Latin grooves, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and more. Pautt has opened for Grammy Nominees Cimafunk and Nortec Collective, and well as shared the stage with international artists including Little Dragon, M.I.A, Chromeo, Bomba Estéreo, and Foster the people, Pegasus Contemporary Ballet. In Dallas, Pautt has become part of the nightlife scene, bringing a unique sound to some of the most important bars and clubs in the city.

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